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Piano Di Sorrento 4
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Manta 3
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Ningbo 3
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Razavi 3
Rome 3
San Michele Al Tagliamento 3
Shaoxing 3
Torre Annunziata 3
Venezia 3
Washington 3
Afragola 2
Augusta 2
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Nome #
Ultimate and accidental limit state design for mooring systems of floating offshore wind turbines 190
High-flexible multi-technique acquisition system for human postural stability tests onboard ships 190
Field study on waves produced by HSC for coastal management 188
A new optimization procedure of heaving point absorber hydrodynamic performances 188
Experimental assessment of comfort on board planing hulls 172
Mooring control of semi-submersible structures for wind turbines 167
Optimization of mooring systems for floating offshore wind turbines 160
Statistical analysis of planing hull motions and accelerations in irregular head sea 158
Towards a cost-based design of heaving point absorbers 157
Spectral analysis of waves produced by HSC for coastal management 156
Time-variant bulk carrier reliability analysis in pure bending intact and damage conditions 156
Statistical properties of bulk carrier residual strength 154
Incidence of residual stresses and steel properties variability on corroded bulk carrier reliability 153
Cost-Based Design and Selection of Point Absorber Devices for the Mediterranean Sea 149
Digital photogrammetry for high precision 3D measurements in shipbuilding field 146
Twin-deck Ro-Ro/Pax Ship Seakeeping Optimization by the motion sickness incidence 146
The overall motion induced interruptions in seakeeping optimization analysis 145
Reverse engineering and 3D modelling for digital documentation of maritime heritage 142
Towards a unified formulation of time and frequency-domain models for point absorbers with single and double-body configuration 136
Buckling of Plates on Rotationally and Warping Restrained Supports 132
Buckling of Plates on Rotationally and Warping Restrained Supports 129
The overall motion induced interruptions as operability criterion for fishing vessels 129
The overall motion sickness incidence applied to catamarans 125
Digital photogrammetry for high precision 3Dmeasurements in shipbuilding field 121
Surface Piercing Propellers: Testing Methodologies, Results Analysis and Comments on Open Water Characteristics 118
Underwater photogrammetry for 3D modelling of floating objects: the case study of a 19-foot motor boat 117
Il Rilievo Fotogrammetrico di Nave Argo 117
Statistical properties of bulk carrier longitudinal strength 116
HSC route monitoring for wake wash analysis in the bay of Naples 115
Incidence of load combination methods on time-variant oil tanker reliability in intact conditions 115
Design of a new point absorber with a fully submerged toroidal shape 115
Determination of VDV and MSI for modern planing craft 113
Comparative analysis among deterministic and stochastic collision damage models for oil tanker and bulk carrier reliability 112
Positioning, Course Keeping And The Measurement Of Motion Of High Speed Craft By Means Of New Navigational Methodologies During Manoeuvring Sea Trials 109
Sensitivity analysis of hull girder reliability in intact condition based on different load combination methods 108
Passenger ship seakeeping optimization by the Overall Motion Sickness Incidence 105
Systematic Tests with B-Wageningen Screw Propellers in Non-Axial Flow: Presentation and Analysis of the Experimental Results 104
Three-dimensional pressure distribution on planing hulls 101
A Calculation Tool for Screw Propellers Performances in Non-Axial Flow 97
Field Investigation On Wake Wash Generated By HSC in The Bay of Naples 96
Conditional reliability of bulk carriers damaged by ship collisions 96
High Speed Craft in the Gulf of Naples 91
Development of a new ship adaptive weather routing model based on seakeeping analysis and optimization 91
The Fast Maritime Transportation In The Gulf Of Naples 90
Mooring design and selection for floating offshore wind turbines on intermediate and deep water depths 90
Helice en Ecoulement Non-Axial: Performance Hydrodynamiques, Methodologie Experimentale et Analyse des Essais au Bassin 89
Preliminary design of water breakers’ platings for container ships 89
What do the Crew Think about the Operability of High Speed Craft? 87
Modified incremental-iterative method for bulk carriers under alternate hold loading conditions 87
Towards a unified formulation for the ultimate strength assessment of uncorroded and pitted platings under uniaxial compression 86
Design of aluminium alloy platings for pleasure vessels under slamming loads 85
Model Tests and Full Scale Operation with Surface Piercing Propellers 84
Geosim Experimental Results of High Speed Catamaran: Co-operative Investigation on Resistance Model Tests Methodology and on Ship-Model Correlation 83
Comparative Analysis of Calculation Methods of Wave Resistance in High Speed Marine Vehicles 82
Digital photogrammetry: a useful tool for shipbuilding applications 81
Fast Ferries And Future Trends Of New Concept Ships 80
The Automatic Design of the Screw Propeller in Non-Axial Flow 79
Full-Scale Measurements of Manoeuvrability: Implementation and Testing of an Innovative and Flexible Positioning System 79
An Accident Investigation: Lessons Learning For Enhancing Safety Of Fishing Vessels 77
From Real To Virtual Maritime Museum At Parthenope University 77
Conduzione e Sicurezza del Peschereccio in Mare Mosso 75
The Impact of New Aluminum Ships on Fast Maritime Passenger Transport 74
Surface Piercing Propellers: Model Tests Procedures and Comments on Related Adimensional Parameters 73
A Way to Improve the Stability and the Safety of RO-RO Ships 73
Hsc Code and Imo-Man Rules Applied to a Catamaran Sea Trials Performed by Dgps Tecniques 72
A New Integrated Methodology in Course Keeping and Manoeuvring Sea-Trails of High Speed Craft 72
Improved design formulas for the ultimate strength of platings with circular openings and manholes under uniaxial compression 72
The Role of the Port of Naples and the Evolution of the Containerized Maritime Traffic 69
Safety of Fishermen: Risk Factor Analysis and the Influence of Vessel Nautical Properties 68
Propeller Screw in Non Axial Flow: Experimental Methodology and Results Analysis Obtained at Towing Tank with 21 Three Blades Propellers of Wageningen B-Series 67
Fishing Vessel Motions and Operability onboard: Results and Perspectives of “on Field” Investigations 67
Study on Wake Wash Generated by HSC in the Bay of Naples 67
On the Stability Criteria 67
Stability, Operability and Working Conditions Onboard Fishing Vessels - Launceston - Tasmania - AUSTRALIA 65
A new wave spectrum resembling procedure based on ship motion analysis 63
High Speed Craft Manoeuvring Sea Trials 62
Analisi Teorico-Sperimentale delle onde prodotte da High Speed Craft nel Golfo di Napoli 62
Passenger Port Planning of Short Sea Shipping Routes 61
Comparison of spectrum estimation methods for the accurate evaluation of sea state parameters 61
Apparecchiature e Metodologie per la Ricerca Sperimentale presso il Dipartimento di Ingegneria Navale dell'Università di Napoli 60
Surface Piercing Propellers for Displacing Vessels 59
Research on New Manoeuvring Criteria for HSC 59
Methods For Evaluating The Motion Induced Interruptions On Fishing Vessels 58
The Passengers “Point of view” Onboard High Speed Craft 56
Museo Navale dell’Università degli Studi di Napoli Parthenope 56
Incidence of Fourier transform parameters on sea spectrum reseambling from wave time history 56
Screw Propeller in Non-Axial Flow: Theoretical and Experimental Analysis and Test Methodology 55
Sicurezza del lavoro a bordo delle navi da pesca: da una lunga collaborazione con il Prof. Giulio Russo Krauss, gli ultimi sviluppi 54
Ricerca Sperimentale Sistematica con Eliche in Flusso Non Assiale presso il Dipartimento di Ingegneria Navale dell'Università di Napoli 52
Working Conditions on Small Fishing Vessels: Accident Investigation, Seaworthiness and Design Ergonomic Aspec 52
Working Conditions on Small Fishing Vessels: Accident Investigation, Seaworthiness and Design Ergonomic Aspects 52
Resistance evaluation for warped hulls by means of total pressure distribution 52
On the Hydrodynamic Characteristics of a High Speed Catamaran with Round-Bilge Hull: Wave Resistance and Wave Pattern Experimental Tests and Numerical Calculations 51
Hydrodynamic Performances of Four Blades Screw Propellers in Non-Axial Flow 51
Dynamic equilibrium and resistance evaluation for warped planing hulls 51
An Experimental Method for the Study of the Screw Propeller Performance in Non-Axial Flow 50
Totale 9748
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