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The effect of dead volumes on the performance of magnetic refrigerators 30
Improving the performance of room temperature magnetic regenerators using Al2O3-water nanofluid 22
Supporting energy efficiency measures in the residential sector. The case of on-bill schemes 18
Heat Transfer and Thermal Energy Storage Enhancement by Foams and Nanoparticles 15
A clear sky physical based solar radiation decomposition model 13
Impact of electric cars deployment on the Italian energy system 12
Experimental and numerical results from hybrid retrofitted photovoltaic panels 9
Numerical investigation of a double-circuit Ranque-Hilsch vortex tube 8
Heating and cooling building energy demand evaluation; a simplified model and a modified degree days approach 8
Effect on the energy market of the potential switching to heat pumps for space heating 8
Heat Transfer in Nanofluids 8
Scenario analysis of nonresidential natural gas consumption in Italy 8
Numerical investigation of transient thermal and fluidynamic fields in an executive aircraft cabin 8
Electrification of the residential heat demand: An analysis of the power market potential to accommodate heat pumps 8
Life-cycle approach to the estimation of energy efficiency measures in the buildings sector 8
Analysis and future outlook of natural gas consumption in the Italian residential sector 8
Linear Regression Models to Forecast Electricity Consumption in Italy 8
Retrofitting for improving energy efficiency: The embodied energy relevance for buildings' thermal insulation 7
CFD analysis and design optimization of an air manifold for a biomass boiler 7
The impact of the national assessment exercises on self-citation rate and publication venue: an empirical investigation on the engineering academic sector in Italy 7
Pathways to electric mobility integration in the Italian automotive sector 7
Numerical investigation of an inclined rectangular cavity for ventilated roofs applications 7
Energy, economic and environmental assessment of the utilization of heat pumps for buildings heating in the Italian residential sector 7
Financial and energy performance analysis of efficiency measures in residential buildings. A probabilistic approach 7
Heat transfer enhancement of laminar impinging slot jets by nanofluids and metal foams 7
Technologies and Strategies to Support Energy Transition in Urban Building and Transportation Sectors 7
Modeling energy consumption and efficiency measures in the Italian hotel sector 7
Comparison between different photovoltaic solar-assisted heat pumps (PVT-SAHP) configurations with retrofitted photovoltaic panels 7
Monitoring and control of a pilot plant made of solar assisted heat pump with hybrid panels 7
Modelling the deployment of energy efficiency measures for the residential sector. The case of Italy 7
Numerical investigation on nanofluids turbulent convection heat transfer inside a circular tube 7
Effects of renewables deployment in the Spanish electricity generation sector 7
Assessing the quality of natural gas consumption forecasting: An application to the Italian residential sector 7
Business models for supporting energy renovation in residential buildings. The case of the on-bill programs 7
Energy inequality in the Eurasian Economic Union 7
Analysis of energy demand in residential buildings for different climates by means of dynamic simulation 7
Numerical Simulation of Water/Al2O3 Nanofluid Turbulent Convection 7
The importance of renewable energy systems in meeting rising energy needs of megacities in a sustainable way: Case study of greater Cairo 7
Numerical analysis of the Al2O3-water nanofluid forced laminar convection in an asymmetric heated channel for application in flat plate PV/T collector 7
Performance analysis of turbulent convection heat transfer of Al2O3 water-nanofluid in circular tubes at constant wall temperature 6
Estimation of primary energy savings by using heat pumps for heating purposes in the residential sector 6
Can distributor system operators play a role in the European Union energy efficiency financing game? 6
Thermal behavior evaluation of ventilated roof under summer and winter conditions 6
Computational fluid dynamics modeling of developing forced laminar convection flow of Al2O3-Water nanofluid in a two-dimensional rectangular section channel 6
Analysis of the efficiency of using heat exchangers with porous inserts in heat and gas supply systems 6
The future of the Italian electricity generation sector. An analysis of the possible strategic models 6
Numerical investigation on the forced laminar convection heat transfer of Al 2 O 3 -water nanofluid within a three-dimensional asymmetric heated channel 6
Analysis and forecasting of nonresidential electricity consumption in Romania 6
Optimal insulation layer for heated water pipes under technical, economic and carbon emission constraints 6
Entropy generation analysis of turbulent convection flow of Al2O3–water nanofluid in a circular tube subjected to constant wall heat flux 6
Addressing rising energy needs of megacities – Case study of Greater Cairo 6
Analysis of the European Energy Context: A Snapshot of the Natural Gas Sector 6
An investigation of the thermal performance of cylindrical heat pipes using nanofluids 6
Enhancement of heat transfer and entropy generation analysis of nanofluids turbulent convection flow in square section tubes 6
Implementation of a cogeneration plant for a food processing facility. A case study 6
Deceleration of the Cold Flow in the Vortex Tube 6
Modelling a household tariff for reducing sectoral cross-subsidies in the Russian power market 6
Selective Parallel Integration of Individual Metallic Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes from Heterogeneous Solutions 6
Impact of the utilization of heat pumps for buildings heating in the Italian power market 6
Application of PCMs to Improve Energy Efficiency in Residential Buildings 6
Green digitalization in the electric power industry 6
Inverse cycles modeling without refrigerant property specification 6
Thermal performance of flat-shaped heat pipes using nanofluids 6
Current situation and future perspectives of European natural gas sector 6
Evolution of renewable energy generation in EU27. A decomposition analysis 6
Potential of phase change materials and their effective use in solar thermal applications: A critical review 6
Phase-change materials for thermal management of electronic devices 6
An innovative approach to local solar energy planning in Riva Trigoso, Italy 6
Experimental and numerical studies of accumulation heat exchangers for thermal retrofitting of buildings 6
Comparative methods in convective heat transfer enhancement by nanofluids entropy generation 5
The Role of Non-Energy Impact Assessment in Boosting Energy Efficiency and Urban Regeneration Projects: The RenOnBill Project and Experiences from Liguria Region 5
Heat loss from defects of hinged facade systems of buildings 5
The impact of e-mobility on the Italian electricity system 5
Advanced solar technologies in buildings 5
A comparison of the application of RSM and LES turbulence models in the numerical simulation of thermal and flow patterns in a double-circuit Ranque-Hilsch vortex tube 5
Energy demand, efficiency measures and embodied energy in the Italian residential sector 5
Numerical investigation of turbulent flow within a channel with chamfered edge ribs in stream-wise direction 5
Second Law Analysis of Al2O3-Water Nanofluid Turbulent Forced Convection in a Circular Cross Section Tube with Constant Wall Temperature 5
Understanding energy consumption and carbon emissions in Europe: A focus on inequality issues 5
Analysis of the local entropy generation in a double-circuit vortex tube 5
Preliminary experimental results and performance analysis of hybrid retrofitted photovoltaic panels 5
Thermal behavior evaluation of ventilated roof under variable solar radiation 5
Overview of the Italian natural gas sector 5
Electricity consumption forecasting in Italy using linear regression models 5
Analysis of technology diffusion policies for renewable energy. The case of the Italian solar photovoltaic sector 5
Historical trends and current state of heating and cooling degree days in Italy 5
Impact of the phase out of French nuclear reactors on the Italian power sector 5
Forecasting energy consumption in the EU residential sector 5
Numerical investigation of transient single phase forced convection of nanofluids in circular tubes 5
Analysis of Electricity and Natural Gas Security. A Case Study for Germany, France, Italy and Spain 5
Prospects and characteristics of thermal and electrochemical energy storage systems 5
Numerical investigation of nanofluids forced convection in circular tubes 5
Long term outlook of primary energy consumption of the Italian thermoelectric sector: Impact of fuel and carbon prices 5
Electrokinetic framework of dielectrophoretic deposition devices 4
A novel steady-state approach for the analysis of gas-burner supplemented direct expansion solar assisted heat pumps 4
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