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AS - Asia 1045
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 56
AF - Africa 3
SA - Sud America 2
OC - Oceania 1
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US - Stati Uniti d'America 11144
UA - Ucraina 1533
DE - Germania 662
VN - Vietnam 555
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FR - Francia 363
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EU - Europa 56
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IE - Irlanda 4
PK - Pakistan 4
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MA - Marocco 3
TW - Taiwan 3
ES - Italia 2
LT - Lituania 2
TR - Turchia 2
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AU - Australia 1
BY - Bielorussia 1
CL - Cile 1
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 1
GE - Georgia 1
HU - Ungheria 1
IL - Israele 1
JP - Giappone 1
MY - Malesia 1
PS - Palestinian Territory 1
QA - Qatar 1
TH - Thailandia 1
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Guangzhou 17
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Tianjin 8
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Ottawa 7
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Zanjan 5
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Chengdu 3
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Lahore 3
Marigliano 3
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Pellezzano 3
San Giorgio Del Sannio 3
Taizhou 3
Avellino 2
Baotou 2
Caiazzo 2
Hanoi 2
Jakarta 2
Jiaxing 2
Leawood 2
Mugnano Di Napoli 2
Pontecagnano 2
Wenzhou 2
Winnipeg 2
Wuhan 2
Auburn 1
Bangalore 1
Battipaglia 1
Bhopal 1
Boise 1
Broomfield 1
Buzau 1
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Nome #
Self-assembled colloidal photonic crystal on the fiber optic tip as a sensing probe 210
Fabrication and Characterization of Long-Period Gratings in Hollow Core Fibers by Electric Arc Discharge 189
Cladding mode reorganization in high-refractive-index-coated long-period gratings: effects on the refractive-index sensitivity 179
Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors for Real Time Monitoring of Early Age Curing and Shrinkage of Different Metakaolin-Based Inorganic Binders 166
Single-ended Long Period Fiber Grating coated with Polystyrene Thin Film for Butane Gas Sensing 158
Improvements in the fabrication of microstructured fiber Bragg grating sensors 156
Long period gratings written in fluorine-doped fibers by electric arc discharge technique 153
Arc-Induced Long Period Gratings in Polarization-Maintaining Panda Fiber 153
Dual refractive index measurements by a single multi-defect structured fiber Bragg grating 151
ARC-induced long period gratings in fluorine-doped optical fibers 151
Fiber Bragg grating sensors as a tool to evaluate the influence of filler on shrinkage of geopolymer matrices 149
Nonlithographic fabrication of microstructured fiber Bragg grating evanescent wave sensors 143
Sensitivity Enhancement in Polymer Coated Long Period Gratings: Towards High Performance Opto-Chemical Sensors 143
Ultrasensitive biosensor based on long period grating coated with polycarbonate-graphene oxide multilayer 143
Sensing features of long period gratings in hollow core fibers 140
Sensing characteristics of long period gratings in hollow core fiber fabricated via electrode arc discharge 139
Evanescent wave sensor based on permanently bent single mode optical fiber 139
Characterization of long period gratings in hollow core fiber fabricated via electrode arc discharge 139
Deflection Monitoring of Bi-Dimensional Structures by Fiber Bragg Gratings Strain Sensors 139
Real-time analysis of arc-induced Long Period Gratings under gamma irradiation 138
Optoelectronic sensor for chemical detection in liquid by using ultra thin polymer coating on Long Period Fiber Gratings 137
Analysis of an endlessly single-mode penrose-tiling photonic quasicrystal fiber 136
Experimental Study of the Refractive Index Sensitivity in Arc-induced Long Period Gratings 136
Spectral Behavior of Nano-sized and Azimuthally Symmetric Coated Long Period Gratings 135
Long Period Gratings in unconventional fibers for possible use as radiation dosimeter in high-dose applications 135
High resolution refractive index sensor by using thinned fiber bragg gratings 134
Refractive Index Sensitivity in Thinned UV and Arc Induced Long-Period Gratings: A Comparative Study 134
Micro-structured fiber Bragg gratings. Part I: Spectral characteristics 133
FBG sensors for deformation monitoring of a tracking particle detector: Preliminary results 133
Role of air pressure inside fiber holes during fabrication of long period gratings in bandgap fibers Via Electrode Arc Discharge 133
Microstructured Fiber Bragg Gratings 132
Advanced Fiber Optical Refractometers Based on Partially Etched Fiber Bragg Gratings 132
Breath figures onto optical fibers for miniaturized sensing probes 131
Coated long-period fiber gratings as high-sensitivity optochemical sensors 131
Comparative Study of Long-Period Gratings Written in Standard and Fluorine-Doped Fibers by Electric Arc Discharge 131
Refractive Index Measurements by Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor 130
Temperature monitoring during thermal ablation on ex-vivo organs by Fiber Bragg gratings 130
Microstructured fibre Bragg gratings: analysis and fabrication 129
Thinned fiber Bragg gratings as refractive index sensors 128
Arc-Induced Long Period Gratings in Phosphorus-Doped Fiber 127
Arc-induced Long Period Gratings in standard and speciality optical fibers under mixed neutron-gamma irradiation 127
Nonuniform thinned fiber Bragg gratings for simultaneous refractive index and temperature measurements 126
Measurement of temperature and early age shrinkage of alkali activated metakaolin using fiber Bragg grating sensors 126
Deflection Monitoring Method Using Fiber Bragg Gratings Applied to Tracking Particle Detectors 125
Strain measurements of a multilayer panel via Fiber Bragg gratings as novel approach for deflection monitoring of tracking particle detectors 125
Analysis and Design of Chirped Fiber Bragg Grating for Temperature Sensing for Possible Biomedical Applications 125
Spectral behavior in thinned long period gratings: effects of fiber diameter on refractive index sensitivity. 124
Permanently Bent Single Mode Optical Fiber as Novel Evanescent Wave Sensor 124
Fiber Bragg Grating strain sensors for tracking particle detector 124
A simple Fabry-Perot pressure sensor fabricated on fiber optic tip 124
High-sensitivity optical chemosensor based on coated long-period gratings for sub-ppm chemical detection in water 124
Resonant Hydrophones Based on Coated Fiber Bragg Gratings for Underwater Monitoring 123
Characterization of early age curing and shrinkage of metakaolin-based inorganic binders with different rheological behavior by Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors 123
Single and multiple phase shifts tilted fiber Bragg gratings 122
Lab on Fiber by Using the Breath Figure Technique 122
Porphyrin coated fiber optic probes for acid vapor detection 122
Deformation Monitoring of a Tracking Particle Detector using Fiber Bragg Grating sensors 121
Miniaturized Sensing Probes Based on Metallic Dielectric Crystals Self-Assembled on Optical Fiber Tips 121
Fiber Bragg gratings with engineered band-gap for sensing applications 121
Simultaneous Measurements of Refractive Index and Temperature by Non-Uniform Thinned Fiber Bragg Gratings 120
Sensitivity characteristics in thinned long-period tapered gratings 120
Fiber optic fabry perot pressure sensor based on commercial ferule 120
Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors Advancements and Industrial Applications 119
Resonant hydrophones based on coated fiber bragg gratings 119
Detection of thermal gradients through fiber-optic Chirped Fiber Bragg Grating (CFBG): Medical thermal ablation scenario 119
Arc-induced long period gratings: Analysis of the fabrication parameters on the surrounding refractive index sensitivity 119
Zero birefringence 8-fold photonic quasicrystal (QC) fiber 118
Refractive index sensor based on micro structured fiber Bragg grating 117
Fiber Bragg Grating for Temperature Monitoring during Medical Radiofrequency Treatments 117
Fiber Bragg Grating sensors: A reliable method for the measurement of early age properties of traditional and innovative cements 117
Influence of Period on Surrounding Refractive Index Sensitivity of Arc-induced Long Period Gratings 117
Long Period Grating Coated with High Refractive Index Layer 116
Nano-Scale High Refractive Index Coated Thinned FBGs for Sensing Applications 116
Resonant hydrophones based on coated fiber Bragg gratings. Part II: Experimental Analysis 116
Fabrication of arc-induced long-period gratings in different silica fibers 116
Arc-induced long period gratings from standard to polarization-maintaining and photonic crystal fibers 116
Thinned and micro-structured fibre Bragg gratings: towards new all-fibre high-sensitivity chemical sensors 115
Engineering metallo dielectric structures on optical fiber tips by self-assembling techniques 115
Measurements of temperature during thermal ablation treatments on ex vivo liver tissue using fiber Bragg grating sensors 115
Mode coupling and field distribution in sub-mm permanently bent single mode optical fibers 115
Long period gratings coated with syndiotactic polystirene as highly sensitive chemical sensors 114
Thinned fiber Bragg gratings as high sensitivity refractive index sensor 113
Micro-structured fiber Bragg gratings: optimization of the fabrication process 113
Thinned Fiber Bragg Gratings for Sensing Applications 112
Engineered acoustic sensors for underwater applications based on coated fiber Bragg gratings 111
Sensitivity characteristics in nanosized coated long period gratings 111
Long-Period Gratings in Hollow Core Fibers by Pressure-Assisted Arc Discharge Technique 110
Structured chirped fiber bragg gratings 110
Refractive Index Sensitivity in Thinned Long Period Gratings 110
Strain and bending monitoring of a particle detector using Fiber Bragg Grating sensors 110
Sensing characteristics of Long Period Gratings in air-core photonic bandgap fibers 110
Optical Chemo-Sensor based on Long Period Gratings and Ultrathin Sensitive Polymer Films for Water Monitoring 110
Sensing Characteristics of Arc-Induced Long Period Gratings in Polarization-Maintaining Panda Fiber 110
Micro-structured fiber Bragg gratings. Part II: Towards advanced photonic devices 109
Gold coated long period gratings in single and multi layer configuration for sensing applications 109
Self temperature referenced refractive index sensor by non-uniform thinned fiber Bragg gratings 107
Design and analysis of photonic quasi-crystal hollow core fibers 106
Real-Time temperature monitoring during radiofrequency treatments on ex-vivo animal model by fiber Bragg grating sensors 106
Long period grating in double cladding fiber coated with graphene oxide as high-performance optical platform for biosensing 106
Sensitivity Characteristics in Nano-sized Coated Long Period Gratings 105
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