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Deflection Monitoring Method Using Fiber Bragg Gratings Applied to Tracking Particle Detectors, file dfe4d05c-8cda-eb50-e053-6605fe0a26fa 7
Long period gratings written in fluorine-doped fibers by electric arc discharge technique, file dfe4d05c-8e0f-eb50-e053-6605fe0a26fa 6
Real-time analysis of arc-induced Long Period Gratings under gamma irradiation, file dfe4d05c-b829-eb50-e053-6605fe0a26fa 6
A New Orbiting Deployable System for Small Satellite Observations for Ecology and Earth Observation, file dfe4d05d-c393-eb50-e053-6605fe0a26fa 6
Fabrication and Characterization of Long-Period Gratings in Hollow Core Fibers by Electric Arc Discharge, file dfe4d05c-9292-eb50-e053-6605fe0a26fa 4
Self-assembled colloidal photonic crystal on the fiber optic tip as a sensing probe, file dfe4d05c-c3a0-eb50-e053-6605fe0a26fa 4
Arc-Induced Long Period Gratings in Phosphorus-Doped Fiber, file dfe4d05c-b9f9-eb50-e053-6605fe0a26fa 3
Strain measurements of a multilayer panel via Fiber Bragg gratings as novel approach for deflection monitoring of tracking particle detectors, file dfe4d05c-9311-eb50-e053-6605fe0a26fa 2
A simple Fabry-Perot pressure sensor fabricated on fiber optic tip, file dfe4d05c-9477-eb50-e053-6605fe0a26fa 2
Miniaturized Sensing Probes Based on Metallic Dielectric Crystals Self-Assembled on Optical Fiber Tips, file dfe4d05c-9bba-eb50-e053-6605fe0a26fa 2
Coated long-period fiber gratings as high-sensitivity optochemical sensors, file dfe4d05c-9fa3-eb50-e053-6605fe0a26fa 2
Long Period Gratings in unconventional fibers for possible use as radiation dosimeter in high-dose applications, file dfe4d05d-0e13-eb50-e053-6605fe0a26fa 2
Characterization of early age curing and shrinkage of metakaolin-based inorganic binders with different rheological behavior by Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors, file dfe4d05d-12b0-eb50-e053-6605fe0a26fa 2
Sensing features of long period gratings in hollow core fibers, file dfe4d05c-9290-eb50-e053-6605fe0a26fa 1
Comparative Study of Long-Period Gratings Written in Standard and Fluorine-Doped Fibers by Electric Arc Discharge, file dfe4d05c-93bd-eb50-e053-6605fe0a26fa 1
Not-lithographic fabrication of micro-structured fiber Bragg gratings evanescent wave sensors, file dfe4d05c-9875-eb50-e053-6605fe0a26fa 1
Long-Period Gratings in Hollow Core Fibers by Pressure-Assisted Arc Discharge Technique, file dfe4d05c-a0c7-eb50-e053-6605fe0a26fa 1
Experimental Study of the Refractive Index Sensitivity in Arc-induced Long Period Gratings, file dfe4d05c-c14f-eb50-e053-6605fe0a26fa 1
Radiation effects on long period fiber gratings: A review, file dfe4d05d-7794-eb50-e053-6605fe0a26fa 1
Long period grating in double cladding fiber coated with graphene oxide as high-performance optical platform for biosensing, file dfe4d05d-7e02-eb50-e053-6605fe0a26fa 1
Multipoint temperature monitoring of microwave thermal ablation in bones through fiber bragg grating sensor arrays, file dfe4d05d-8b83-eb50-e053-6605fe0a26fa 1
Fiber optic sensors-based thermal analysis of perfusion-mediated tissue cooling in liver undergoing laser ablation, file dfe4d05d-94ce-eb50-e053-6605fe0a26fa 1
Fiber optic sensors in the ATLAS Inner Detector, file dfe4d05d-c10e-eb50-e053-6605fe0a26fa 1
Long Period Grating based Biosensing Technology for the Detection of Vitamin D3, file dfe4d05d-c3a9-eb50-e053-6605fe0a26fa 1
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