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Experimental and Theoretical Modelling of the Effective Thermal Conductivity of Rough Steel Spheroid Packed Beds 1-gen-2003 Massarotti, Nicola; Buonanno, G.; Carotenuto, Alberto; Giovinco, G.
A stability analysis for the ac-CBS algorithm for the solution of interface problems in presence of large source terms 1-gen-2009 Arpino, F.; Massarotti, N.; Mauro, A.; Carotenuto, A
High rayleigh number laminar-free convection in cavities: New benchmark solutions 1-gen-2010 Arpino, F; Massarotti, Nicola; Mauro, Alessandro
The finite element method: discretization and application to heat convection problems 1-gen-2010 Mauro, Alessandro; P., Nithiarasu; Massarotti, Nicola; F., Arpino
Efficient three-dimensional FEM based algorithm for the solution of convection in partly porous domains 1-gen-2011 Arpino, F.; Massarotti, Nicola; Mauro, Alessandro
Numerical solutions of double diffusion in cavities 1-gen-2011 Carotenuto, Alberto; Massarotti, Nicola; Mauro, Alessandro
Explicit solutions for heat and fluid flow in cylindrical porous domains 1-gen-2011 Carotenuto, Alberto; Massarotti, Nicola; Mauro, Alessandro
Three-dimensional simulation of heat and mass transport phenomena in planar SOFCs 1-gen-2011 Mauro, Alessandro; Arpino, F.; Massarotti, Nicola
Metrological analysis of the measurement system for a micro-cogenerative SOFC module 1-gen-2011 Arpino, F.; Massarotti, Nicola; Mauro, Alessandro; Vanoli, Laura
Analisi numerica delle proprietá effettive di manufatti realizzati in opera ai fini della verifica termoigrometrica di ponti termici 1-gen-2012 Carotenuto, Alberto; Mauro, Alessandro; Massarotti, Nicola
A new methodology for numerical simulation of geothermal down-hole heat exchangers 1-gen-2012 Carotenuto, Alberto; Massarotti, Nicola; Mauro, Alessandro
Temperature and residence time of the combustion products in a waste-to-energy plant 1-gen-2012 Massarotti, Nicola; Costa, Michela; Dell'Isola, Marco
New solutions for axial flow convection in porous and partly porous cylindrical domains 1-gen-2013 Arpino, F.; Carotenuto, Alberto; Massarotti, Nicola; Mauro, Alessandro
A new model for the analysis of operating conditions of micro-cogenerative SOFC units 1-gen-2013 Arpino, F.; Dell'Isola, M.; Maugeri, D.; Massarotti, Nicola; Mauro, Alessandro
Artificial compressibility based CBS solutions for double diffusive natural convection in cavities 1-gen-2013 Arpino, Fausto; Massarotti, Nicola; Mauro, Alessandro; Nithiarasu, Perumal
Finite element modeling of vertical energy piles 1-gen-2014 Carotenuto, Alberto; Massarotti, Nicola; Mauro, Alessandro; Paderni, Gabriella; Di Fraia, S.
Modeling ground-source heat exchangers: a review 1-gen-2014 Carotenuto, Alberto; Ciccolella, Michela; Massarotti, Nicola; Mauro, Alessandro
Modeling of syngas production from biomass energy resources available in taiwan 1-gen-2014 Costa, Michela; Massarotti, Nicola; Cappuccio, Gabriele; Chang, C. T.; Shiue, A.; Lin, C. J.; Wang, Y. T.
Engineering bed models for solid fuel conversion process in grate-fired boilers 1-gen-2014 Costa, M; Massarotti, Nicola; Indrizzi, V.; Rajh, B.; Yin, C.; Samec, N.
High order explicit solutions for the transient natural convection of incompressible fluids in tall cavities 1-gen-2014 F., Arpino; G., Cortellessa; M., Dell’Isola; Massarotti, Nicola; Mauro, Alessandro
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