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Dynamic simulation and energetic-economic analisis of a polygeneration system based on PEM fuel cells and concentrated photovoltaic-thermal collectors 1-gen-2015 Calise, F; Figaj, RAFAL DAMIAN; Massarotti, Nicola; Mauro, Alessandro; Vanoli, Laura
Optimal Tuning of a Thermo-Chemical Equilibrium Model for Downdraft Biomass Gasifiers 1-gen-2015 Costa, Michela; La Villetta, Maurizio; Massarotti, Nicola
Modeling and optimization of an incinerator plant for the reduction of the environmental impact 1-gen-2015 Costa, Michela; Indrizzi, Vanessa; Massarotti, Nicola; Mauro, Alessandro
Operating rooms: Numerical modeling of heat and mass transport phenomena 1-gen-2016 Carotenuto, Alberto; Massarotti, Nicola; Mauro, Alessandro; Sainas, Domenico
Using flow obstructions in electro-osmotic systems for fluid flow enhancement 1-gen-2016 Di Fraia, Simona; Massarotti, Nicola; Mauro, Alessandro; Nithiarasu, Perumal
Linear stability analysis of natural convection in partially porous tall annuli 1-gen-2016 Ciccolella, Michela; Massarotti, Nicola; Mauro, Alessandro; Cortellessa, Gino
Experimental set-up and thermo hydro mechanical model for an energy pile 1-gen-2016 Adinolfi, M.; Mauro, A.; Maiorano, R. M. S.; Massarotti, N.; Aversa, S.; Normino, G.; Marotta, P.
Numerical simulation of suprachoroidal shunts for treatment of glaucoma 1-gen-2016 Mauro, A.; Massarotti, N.; Romano, M. R.; Romano, V.; Nithiarasu, P.
Inhomogeneities inside thermal bridges: Effects on heat and vapor transport 1-gen-2016 Iodice, Paola; Massarotti, Nicola; Mauro, Alessandro
Investigation of thermofluid dynamics in a human eye: Numerical modeling of aqueous humor flow in porous tissues 1-gen-2016 Mauro, A.; Massarotti, N.; Salahudeen, M.; Romano, M. R.; Romano, V.; Nithiarasu, P.
Energy piles: A new procedure for effective numerical prediction of thermal performance 1-gen-2016 Iodice, Paola; Marotta, Pasquale; Massarotti, Nicola; Mauro, Alessandro
Effects of Inhomogeneities on Heat and Mass Transport Phenomena in Thermal Bridges 1-gen-2016 Paola, Iodice; Massarotti, Nicola; Mauro, Alessandro
New benchmark solutions for transient natural convection in partially porous annuli 1-gen-2016 Massarotti, Nicola; Ciccolella, Michela; Cortellessa, Gino; Mauro, Alessandro
Thermo-mechanical behaviour of energy pile in underground railway construction site 1-gen-2016 Adinolfi, Marianna; Mauro, Alessandro; Maiorano, Rosa Maria Stefania; Massarotti, Nicola; Aversa, Stefano
Transient natural convection in partially porous vertical annuli 1-gen-2016 Arpino, F; Carotenuto, Alberto; Ciccolella, Michela; Cortellessa, G; Massarotti, Nicola; Mauro, Alessandro
Influence of thermal radiation on contaminated air and water flow past a vertical wavy frustum of a cone 1-gen-2016 Siddiqa, Sadia; Begum, Naheed; Hossain, M. d. A.; Massarotti, Nicola
Thermo-economic analysis of a novel cogeneration system for sewage sludge treatment 1-gen-2016 DI FRAIA, Simona; Massarotti, Nicola; Vanoli, Laura; Costa, M.
CFD modelling of a RDF incineration plant 1-gen-2016 Michela, Costa; Massarotti, Nicola; Mauro, Alessandro; Fausto, Arpino; Vittorio, Rocco
Energy analysis of a small geothermal district heating system in Southern Italy 1-gen-2016 Carotenuto, Alberto; DE LUCA, Giuseppina; Fabozzi, Salvatore; Figaj, RAFAL DAMIAN; Iorio, Marina; Massarotti, Nicola; Vanoli, Laura
Models for thermo-fluid dynamic phenomena in low enthalpy geothermal energy systems: A review 1-gen-2016 Carotenuto, Alberto; Ciccolella, Michela; Massarotti, Nicola; Mauro, Alessandro
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 93
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