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Stability of strategies in payoff-driven evolutionary games on networks 1-gen-2011 Sorrentino, Francesco; Mecholsky, N.
Sensitivity analysis of the master stability function approach for network synchronization 1-gen-2011 Sorrentino, Francesco; Porfiri, M.
Estimation of communication-delays through adaptive synchronization of chaos 1-gen-2012 Sorrentino, Francesco; Pietro, D.
Synchronization of hypernetworks of coupled dynamical systems 1-gen-2012 Sorrentino, Francesco
Modeling the dynamics of bivalent histone modifications", PLoS ONE 8(11): e77944 (2013) 1-gen-2013 Ku W., L; Girvan, M; Yang G., C; Sorrentino, Francesco; Ott, E.
Synchronization states and multistability in a ring of periodic oscillators 1-gen-2013 Williams, C; Sorrentino, Francesco; Murphy, T; Roy, R.
Estimating the structure of small dynamical networks from the state time evolution of one node 1-gen-2013 Autariello, R.; Dzakpasu, R; Sorrentino, Francesco
Experimental Observations of Group Synchrony in a System of Chaotic Optoelectronic Oscillators 1-gen-2013 C. R. S., Williams; T. E., Murphy; R., Roy; Sorrentino, Francesco; T., Dahms; E., Scholl
Inhibition causes ceaseless dynamics in networks of excitable nodes 1-gen-2014 Larremore D., B; Shew W., L; Ott, E; Sorrentino, Francesco; Restrepo, J. G.
Cluster Synchronization and Isolated Desynchronization in Complex Networks with Symmetries 1-gen-2014 Pecora, L. M; Sorrentino, Francesco; Hagerstrom, A. M; Murphy, T. E; Roy, R.
Decentralized identification and control of networks of coupled mobile platforms through adaptive synchronization of chaos 1-gen-2014 Bezzo, N; Cruz Davalos P., J; Sorrentino, Francesco; Fierro, R.
Structural permeability of complex networks to control signals 1-gen-2015 Lo Iudice, Francesco; Garofalo, Franco; Sorrentino, Francesco
Approximate cluster synchronization in networks with symmetries and parameter mismatches 1-gen-2016 Sorrentino, Francesco; Pecora, Louis
Complete characterization of the stability of cluster synchronization in complex dynamical networks 1-gen-2016 Sorrentino, Francesco; Pecora, Louis M; Hagerstrom, Aaron M; Murphy, Thomas E; Roy, Rajarshi
Symmetry effects on naturally arising chimera states in mechanical oscillator networks 1-gen-2016 Blaha, Karen; Burrus, Ryan J.; Orozco Mora, Jorge L.; Ruiz Beltrán, Elvia; Siddique, Abu B.; Hatamipour, V. D.; Sorrentino, Francesco
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