FERRARA, Giuseppe
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Seattle 1
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An alternative method for evaluating a spatial uniform and isotropic electromagnetic field within a reverberating chamber, file dfe4d05c-8709-eb50-e053-6605fe0a26fa 5
On the Evaluation of the Shielding Effectiveness of an Electrically Large Enclosure, file dfe4d05c-1768-eb50-e053-6605fe0a26fa 3
Estimate of the shielding effectiveness of an electrically large enclosure made with pierced metallic plate in a well-stirred reverberation chamber, file dfe4d05c-1fc5-eb50-e053-6605fe0a26fa 3
Measurements of Backscattering from a Dihedral Corner in a Reverberating Chamber, file dfe4d05d-0739-eb50-e053-6605fe0a26fa 2
Characterization of GSM Non-Line-of-Sight Propagation Channels Generated in a Reverberating Chamber by Using Bit Error Rates, file dfe4d05b-b89a-eb50-e053-6605fe0a26fa 1
Reverberating Chamber Profile Identification, file dfe4d05b-bb5d-eb50-e053-6605fe0a26fa 1
On the Coherence Time Control of a Continuous Mode Stirred Reverberating Chamber, file dfe4d05b-f32a-eb50-e053-6605fe0a26fa 1
A Physically Consistent Speckle Model for Marine SLC SAR Images, file dfe4d05b-f3e3-eb50-e053-6605fe0a26fa 1
A New Stochastic Model for Oil Spill Observation by Means of Single-Look SAR Data, file dfe4d05b-f3f4-eb50-e053-6605fe0a26fa 1
The Reverberating Chamber as a Line-of-Sight Wireless Channel Emulator, file dfe4d05b-f470-eb50-e053-6605fe0a26fa 1
null, file dfe4d05c-1c32-eb50-e053-6605fe0a26fa 1
Polarimetric Field Characterization in Reverberating Chambers, file dfe4d05c-1c33-eb50-e053-6605fe0a26fa 1
Experimental tests on a cylindrical transformation requiring a minimum number of data, file dfe4d05c-5647-eb50-e053-6605fe0a26fa 1
The Polarization Purity of the Electromagnetic Field in a Reverberating Chamber, file dfe4d05c-a9bc-eb50-e053-6605fe0a26fa 1
Mode-stirred reverberating chamber autocorrelation function: model, multifrequency measurements and applications, file dfe4d05c-f970-eb50-e053-6605fe0a26fa 1
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