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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Sustainability Reporting and Firms’ Economic Performance: Evidence from Asia and Africa 1-gen-2020 Girón, Alicia; Kazemikhasragh, Amirreza; Cicchiello, Antonella Francesca; Panetti, Eva
Sustainability Through the “Nested” Luxury Retail Experience 1-gen-2022 Pasquinelli, Cecilia; Rovai, Serena
Sustainability Transitions: A Survey of an Emerging Field of Research 1-gen-2014 Falcone, Pasquale Marcello
Sustainability, well-being, and the circular economy in China and worldwide 1-gen-2016 Geng, Yong; Sarkis, Joseph; Ulgiati, Sergio
Sustainability-oriented Innovation in Smart Tourism. Challenges and Pitfalls of Technology Deployment for Sustainable Destinations 1-gen-2023 Pasquinelli, C.; Trunfio, M.
Sustainable and Inclusive Museums through Digital and Smart Technologies: Empirical Evidence from the Italian Context In corso di stampa Briganti, P.; Errichiello, L.; Volpe, T.; Varriale, L.
Sustainable biomass production: A comparison between Gross Energy Requirement and Emergy Synthesis methods 1-gen-2009 Franzese, Pier Paolo; Rydberg, Törbjorn; Russo, Giovanni, Fulvio; Ulgiati, Sergio
Sustainable cities developing smartness and participation In corso di stampa Romanelli, Mauro; Metallo, Concetta; Agrifoglio, Rocco; Ferrara, Maria
Sustainable construction materials based on recycled asbestos cement wastes 1-gen-2019 Farina, I.; Fraternali, F.; Singh, N.; Cioffi, R.; Colangelo, F.
Sustainable consumption: How does social media affect food choices? 1-gen-2020 Simeone, M.; Scarpato, D.
Sustainable decision making model based in Analytic Hierarchy Process and SWOT Analysis: “S-AHP” MODEL 1-gen-2013 De Felice, Fabio; Petrillo, Antonella; Autorino, Claudio; Carlomusto, Armando
Sustainable Development Symposium - 3rd Annual European Post-graduate Symposium - 13-15 February 2013, 1-gen-2013 Ripa, Maddalena; Mellino, Salvatore; DE RUGGIERO, Paola; Nastro, Rosa Anna
Sustainable development and green tourism: new practices for excellence in the digital era 1-gen-2018 Misso, Rosa; Andreopoulou, Zacharoula; Cesaretti, Gian Paolo; Safwat Shakir Hanna, ; Tzoulis, I.
Sustainable Development Goals in the cruise industry: The contribution of sustainability disclosure 1-gen-2019 Di Vaio, A; Varriale, L.
Sustainable e-parliaments 1-gen-2014 Romanelli, Mauro
Sustainable Energy Planning for the Campania Region – Strategies and actions towards a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions territory 1-gen-2017 De Luca, G.; Fabozzi, S.; Massarotti, N.; Vanoli, L.
Sustainable Energy Policies in Developing Countries: A Review of Challenges and Opportunities 1-gen-2023 Falcone, Pasquale Marcello
Sustainable Energy Production and Consumption. Benefits, Strategies and Environmental Costing. 1-gen-2008 Barbir, Frano; Ulgiati, Sergio
Sustainable entrepreneurship impact and entrepreneurial venture life cycle: A systematic literature review 1-gen-2022 Di Vaio, A.; Hassan, R.; Chhabra, M.; Arrigo, E.; Palladino, R.
Mostrati risultati da 23.920 a 23.939 di 26.266
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