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Econometria spaziale e mercato del lavoro: un'analisi empirica con i dati provinciali italiani 1-gen-2009 Agovino, Massimiliano
Civilian disability pensions as an antipoverty policy instrument? A spatial analysis of Italian provinces, 2003-2005 1-gen-2012 Agovino, Massimiliano; Parodi, Giuliana
Employment of disabled people according to law 68/1999. A multidimensional analysis at regional level 1-gen-2012 Agovino, Massimiliano; Rapposelli, Agnese
Dipendenza spaziale contemporanea e non contemporanea nei tassi di disoccupazione: un tentativo di analisi empirica dei dati provinciali 1-gen-2013 Agovino, Massimiliano; Garofalo, Antonio
Spatial Convergence among Italian Provinces: a Spatial Markov Chain Approach 1-gen-2013 Garofalo, Antonio; Agovino, Massimiliano
Agglomeration Economies: A Bridge between the New Economic Geography and the Malthusian Theory, 1-gen-2013 Garofalo, Antonio; Agovino, Massimiliano
Inclusion of disabled people in the Italian labour market: An efficiency analysis of law 68/1999 at regional level 1-gen-2013 Agovino, Massimiliano; Rapposelli, A.
The efficiency of matching in portuguese public employment service 1-gen-2013 Agovino, Massimiliano; De Menezes, Antonio Gomes; Sciulli, Dario
An Analysis of Disabled Persons and the Labour Market in Mexico. 1-gen-2014 Agovino, Massimiliano; Giuliana, Parodi; Genaro, Sanchez
Is there convergence in the performance of Italian regions in including disabled people in the labour market? A local Moran approach 1-gen-2014 Agovino, Massimiliano
Mercato del lavoro ed econometria spaziale: Alcune applicazioni ai dati italiani 1-gen-2014 Garofalo, Antonio; Agovino, Massimiliano
The Dynamics of Disability and Labour Force Participation in Italy 1-gen-2014 Agovino, Massimiliano; Parodi, Giuliana; Sciulli, Dario
Employment of disabled people in the private sector. An analysis at the level of Italian Provinces according to article 13 of law 68/1999 1-gen-2014 Agovino, Massimiliano; Rapposelli, Agnese
Do “good neighbors” enhance regional performances in including disabled people in the labor market? A spatial Markov chain approach 1-gen-2014 Agovino, Massimiliano
Identifying the Quality of Work by Fuzzy Sets Theory: A Comparison Between Disabled and Non-disabled Workers 1-gen-2014 Agovino, Massimiliano; Parodi, Giuliana
Urban Environmental Quality and Sustainable Food Sourcing: a Spatial Approach Using Italian Provincial Data 1-gen-2014 Garofalo, Antonio; Agovino, Massimiliano; Mariani, Angela
FLEXICURITY INDEX FOR DISABLED PEOPLE: EVIDENCE FROM ITALY 1-gen-2014 Garofalo, Antonio; Agovino, Massimiliano
What are the main explanations of occupational diseases and accidents at work in the agricultural sector? A panel analysis for Italian regional data 1-gen-2014 Agovino, Massimiliano
Cultural access and mental health: an exploratory study 1-gen-2014 Crociata, Alessandro; Agovino, Massimiliano; Luigi Sacco, Pier
Agglomeration externalities and technical efficiency in Italian regions 1-gen-2015 Agovino, Massimiliano; Rapposelli, Agnese
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 122
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