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Auditory brainstem responses in thyroid diseases before and after therapy. 1-gen-1995 Di Lorenzo, L; Foggia, L; Panza, N; Calabrese, Mr; Motta, G; Tranchino, G; Orio, Francesco; Lombardi, G.
Growth rate and growth hormone response to growth hormone-releasing hormone challenge in slowly growing children during chronic administration of clonidine. 1-gen-1995 Orio, Francesco; Padovano, N; Cinquanta, L; Colao, A; Merola, B; Longobardi, S; Rossi, E; Esposito, V; Orio F., Jr; Lombardi, G.
Cardiological aspects of growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor-I. 1-gen-1997 Lombardi, G; Colao, A; Cuocolo, A; Longobardi, S; Di Somma, C; Orio, Francesco; Merola, B; Nicolai, E; Salvatore, M.
Failure of long-term therapy with sodium valproate in Cushing's disease. 1-gen-1997 Colao, A; Pivonello, R; Tripodi, Fs; Orio, Francesco; Ferone, D; Cerbone, G; Di Somma, C; Merola, B; 1997 Jul Aug, Lombardi G. J. Endocrinol I. n. v. e. s. t.; Pmid:, 20:387 9. 2.
Effect of growth hormone on cardiac function. 1-gen-1997 Lombardi, G; Colao, A; Ferone, D; Marzullo, P; Orio, Francesco; Longobardi, S; Merola, B.
Lack of GH response to baclofen administration in post-menopausal women: effects of estroprogestinic treatment. 1-gen-1998 Orio, Francesco; Longobardi, S; Merola, B; Di Costanzo, B; Dentico, C; Tenuta, M; Orio, F.
Antisperm antibodies in cryptorchidism before and after surgery. 1-gen-1998 Sinisi, Aa; Pasquali, D; Papparella, A; Valente, A; Orio, Francesco; Esposito, D; Cobellis, G; Cuomo, A; Angelone, G; Martone, A; Fioretti, Gp; Bellastella, A.
Height, weight, height velocity of primary school population sample in Campania region. 1-gen-1998 Merola, B; Rossi, E; Longobardi, S; Longo, G; Siglioccolo, E; Esposito, V; Ferone, D; Di Somma, C; D'Amore, G; Orio, Francesco; Mastrullo, F; De Rosa, M; Izzo, M; Colao, A; Lombardi, G.
Endocrine secretions under abnormal light-dark cycles and in the blind. 1-gen-1998 Bellastella, A; Pisano, G; Iorio, S; Pasquali, D; Orio, Francesco; Venditto, T; Sinisi, A. A.
Effects of lanreotide treatment on cardiac structure and function in patients with active acromegaly 1-gen-1999 Orio, Francesco; Longobardi, S; Guglielmi, M; Di Costanzo, B; Perrotti, R; Numis, F; Dentico, C; Angelillo, N; Sabatella, M; Tenuta, M; Merola, B; Orio, F.
Androgen-independent prostate carcinoma and androgen-receptor: recent progress in molecular genetics 1-gen-1999 Sultan, C; Terouanne, B; Tahiri, B; Lumbroso, S; Avances, C; Orio, Francesco
Growth hormone secretion after baclofen administration in different phases of menstrual cycle in healthy women. 1-gen-2000 Palomba, S; Sammartino, A; Orio, Francesco; Mandato, V; Ruoto, M; Acunzo, G; Lombardi, G; Orio, F; Nappi, C.
A stable prostatic bioluminescent cell line to investigate androgen and antiandrogen effects. 1-gen-2000 Térouanne, B; Tahiri, B; Georget, V; Belon, C; Poujol, N; Avances, C; Orio, Francesco; Balaguer, P; Sultan, C.
Somatotropic axis and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) relationships between androgen excess and GH response to Arginine+GHRH test. 1-gen-2001 Orio, Francesco; Palomba, S; Colao, A; Dentico, C; Sammartino, A; Di Sarno, A; Landi, Ml; Di Somma, C; Rossi, Fw; Nappi, C; Lombardi, G.
Growth hormone secretion after baclofen administration in different phases of menstrual cycle in healthy women 1-gen-2001 Orio, Francesco; Palomba, S; Colao, A; Tenuta, M; Dentico, C; Petretta, M; Lombardi, G; Nappi, C; Orio, F.
Aggiornamento di Endocrinologia e Metabolismo Dalla biologia molecolare alla clinica 1-gen-2001 Orio, Franco; Orio, Francesco
Shrinkage of large macroprolactinomas after 1 week cabergoline (CAB) therapy. 1-gen-2001 Colao, A; Di Sarno, A; Landi, Ml; Rossi, Fw; Pivonello, R; Faggiano, A; Di Somma, C; Orio, Francesco; Lombardi, G.
Spine abnormalities and damage in patients cured from Cushing's disease. 1-gen-2001 Faggiano, A; Pivonello, R; Filippella, M; Di Somma, C; Orio, Francesco; Lombard, G; Colao, A.
Human prostatic cell line PNT1A, a useful tool for studying androgen receptor transcriptional activity and its differential subnuclear localization in the presence of androgens and antiandrogens. 1-gen-2001 Avancès, C; Georget, V; Térouanne, B; Orio, Francesco; Cussenot, O; Mottet, N; Costa, P; Sultan, C.
Potential action of IGF-I and EGF on androgen receptor nuclear transfer and transactivation in normal and cancer human prostate cell lines 1-gen-2002 Orio, Francesco; Terouanne, B; Georget, V; Lumbroso, S; Avances, C; Siatka, C; Sultan, C.
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