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Neurons dissociated from neocortex fire with 'burst' and 'regular' trains of spikes 1-gen-1994 Guatteo, Ezia; Bacci, A; Franceschetti, S; Avanzini, G; Wanke, E.
Muscarinic regulation of Ca2+ currents in rat sensory neurons: channel and receptor types, dose-response relationships and cross-talk pathways 1-gen-1994 Wanke, E; Bianchi, L; Mantegazza, M; Guatteo, E; Mancinelli, E; Ferroni, A
Ionic mechanisms underlying burst firing in pyramidal neurons: intracellular study in rat sensorimotor cortex 1-gen-1995 Franceschetti, S; Guatteo, Ezia; Panzica, F; Sancini, G; Wanke, E; Avanzini, G.
A TTX-sensitive conductance underlying burst firing in isolated pyramidal neurons from rat neocortex 1-gen-1996 Guatteo, Ezia; Franceschetti, S; Bacci, A; Avanzini, G; Wanke, E.
A novel K+ channel blocker isolated from 'hiccup nut' toxin 1-gen-1996 Guatteo, Ezia; Bianchi, L; Faravelli, L; Verotta, L; Pelizzoni, F; Rogers, Cb; Wanke, E.
Action potentials recorded with patch-clamp amplifiers: are they genuine? 1-gen-1996 Magistretti, J; Mantegazza, M; Guatteo, Ezia; Wanke, E.
Hyperpolarization-activated ion currents in cultured rat cortical and spinal cord astrocytes 1-gen-1996 Guatteo, Ezia; Stanness, Ka; Janigro, D.
A dynamic model of the blood-brain barrier "in vitro" 1-gen-1996 Stanness, Ka; Guatteo, Ezia; Janigro, D.
Potassium Channels and neocortical neuron excitability 1-gen-1997 Bacci, A; Guatteo, Ezia; Wanke, E.
Whole cell patch-clamp recordings of rat midbrain dopaminergic neurons isolate a sulphonylurea- and ATP-sensitive component of potassium currents activated by hypoxia 1-gen-1998 Guatteo, Ezia; Federici, M; Siniscalchi, A; Knöpfel, T; Mercuri, Nb; Bernardi, G.
Intracellular sodium and calcium homeostasis during hypoxia in dopamine neurons of rat substantia nigra pars compacta 1-gen-1998 Guatteo, Ezia; Mercuri, Nb; Bernardi, G; Knöpfel, T.
Hyperpolarization induces a rise in intracellular sodium concentration in dopamine cells of the substantia nigra pars compacta. 1-gen-1998 Knöpfel, T; Guatteo, Ezia; Bernardi, G; Mercuri, Nb
An electrophysiological analysis of the protective effects of felbamate, lamotrigine, and lidocaine on the functional recovery from in vitro ischemia in rat neocortical slices. 1-gen-1998 Siniscalchi, A; Zona, C; Guatteo, Ezia; Mercuri, Nb; Bernardi, G.
Group I metabotropic glutamate receptors mediate an inward current in rat substantia nigra dopamine neurons that is independent from calcium mobilization 1-gen-1999 Guatteo, Ezia; Mercuri, Nb; Bernardi, G; Knöpfel, T.
The weaver mutation reverses the function of dopamine and GABA in mouse dopaminergic neurons 1-gen-2000 Guatteo, Ezia; Fusco, Fr; Giacomini, P; Bernardi, G; Mercuri, Nb
Group I mGluRs coupled to G proteins are regulated by tyrosine kinase in dopamine neurons of the rat midbrain 1-gen-2001 Tozzi, A; Guatteo, Ezia; Caputi, L; Bernardi, G; Mercuri, Nb
Resistance to NMDA toxicity correlates with appearance of nuclear inclusions, behavioural deficits and changes in calcium homeostasis in mice transgenic for exon 1 of the huntington gene 1-gen-2001 Hansson, O; Guatteo, Ezia; Mercuri, Nb; Bernardi, G; Li, Xj; Castilho, Rf; Brundin, P.
New Insights into mGluRs function in the substantia nigra pars compacta. Pre- and post-synaptic actions 1-gen-2002 Guatteo, Ezia; Berretta, N; Tozzi, A; Caputi, L; Paolucci, E; Bernardi, G; Mercuri, N. B.
Actions of the sodium channel inhibitor 202W92 on rat midbrain dopaminergic neurons 1-gen-2003 Caputi, L; Hainsworth, A; Guatteo, Ezia; Tozzi, A; Stefani, A; Spadoni, F; Leach, M; Bernardi, G; Mercuri, Nb
Altered long-term corticostriatal synaptic plasticity in transgenic mice overexpressing human CU/ZN superoxide dismutase (GLY(93)-->ALA) mutation 1-gen-2003 Geracitano, R; Paolucci, E; Prisco, S; Guatteo, Ezia; Zona, C; Longone, P; Ammassari Teule, M; Bernardi, G; Berretta, N; Mercuri, Nb
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 57
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