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Amino acid sequence and disulphide-bridge pattern of three g-thionins from Sorghum bicolor 1-gen-1995 Nitti, G; Orru', Stefania; Bloch, C; Morhy, L; Marino, G. AND PUCCI P.
Glutamate-1-semialdehyde aminotransferase from Sulfolobus solfataricus 1-gen-1996 Palmieri, G; DI PALO, M; Scaloni, A; Orru', Stefania; Marino, G. AND PUCCI P.
Structural characterisation of human recombinant glycohormones follitropin, lutropin and choriogonadotropin expressed in chinese hamster ovary cells 1-gen-1996 Amoresano, A; Siciliano, R; Orru', Stefania; Napoleoni, R; Altarocca, V; DE LUCA, E; Sirna, A. AND PUCCI P.
Novel Heat-stable enterotoxins produced by klebsiella Pneumoniae 1-gen-1996 Albano, F; Thompson, Mr; Buffardi, F; Stabile, A; Bisceglia, M; Pucci, P; Scaloni, A; Orru', Stefania; Guarino, A.
Amino acid sequence, S-S bridge arrangement and distribution in plant tissue of thionins from Viscum album 1-gen-1997 Orru', Stefania; Scaloni, A; Giannattasio, M; Urech, K; Pucci, P. AND SCHALLER G.
Identification of the catalytic amino acid in Escherichia coli expressed β-glycosidase from Sulfolobus solfataricus 1-gen-1997 Febbraio, F; Barone, R; Dauria, S; Rossi, M; Nucci, R; Piccialli, G; DE NAPOLI, L; Orru', Stefania; Pucci, P.
Probing the tertiary structure of the protease of NS3 from hepatitis C virus 1-gen-1998 Dal Piaz, F; Orru', Stefania; Marino, G; Pucci, P.
Axinellins A and B: New proline-containing antiproliferative cyclopeptides from the Vanuatu Sponge Axinella carteri 1-gen-1998 Randazzo, A; DAL PIAZ, F; Orru', Stefania; Debitus, C; Roussakis, C; Pucci, P; GOMEZ PALOMA, L.
Topology of the Calmodulin-Melittin complex 1-gen-1998 Scaloni, A; Miraglia, N; Orru', Stefania; Amodeo, P; Motta, A; Marino, G; Pucci, P.
Desmoplakin acts as transglutaminase substrate in vivo 1-gen-1999 Cozzolino, A; Caputo, I; Orru', Stefania; Amoresano, A; Porta, R; Esposito, C.
Multiple determinants influence complex formation of the hepatitis C virus NS3 protease domain with its NS4A cofactor peptide 1-gen-1999 Urbani, A; Biasiol, G; Brunetti, M; Volpari, C; DI MARCO, S; Sollazzo, M; Orru', Stefania; DAL PIAZ, F; Casbarra, A; Pucci, P; Nardi, C; Gallinari, P; DE FRANCESCO, R; Steinkuhler, C.
Conformational changes in the NS3 protease from hepatitis C virus strain Bk monitored by limited proteolysis and mass spectrometry 1-gen-1999 Orru', Stefania; DAL PIAZ, F; Casbarra, A; Biasiol, G; DE FRANCESCO, R; Steinkuhler, C; Pucci, P.
Structure of pyridoxal kinase from sheep brain and role of the tryptophanyl residues 1-gen-1999 Maras, B; Valiante, S; Orru', Stefania; Simmaco, M; Barra, D; Churchich, Je
Conformational changes in human hepatitis C virus NS3 protease upon binding of product-based inhibitors 1-gen-1999 Bianchi, E; Orru', Stefania; DAL PIAZ, F; Casbarra, A; Biasiol, G; Koch, U; Pucci, ; Pessi, A.
Structural and functional features of modified heat-stable toxins produced by entheropathogenic Klebsiella cells 1-gen-2000 Albano, F; Thompson, Mr; Orru', Stefania; Scaloni, A; Musetta, A; Pucci, P; Guarino, A.
Structural analysis of modified forms of recombinant IFN-beta produced under stress-simulating conditions 1-gen-2000 Orru', Stefania; Amoresano, A; Siciliano, R; Napoleoni, R; Finocchiaro, O; Datola, A; DE LUCA, E; Sirna, A. AND PUCCI P.
Structural studies of peptide inhibitors bound to hepatitis C virus protease yield insights into mechanism of action of the enzyme 1-gen-2000 Pessi, A; Orru', Stefania; Ingallinella, P; Ingenito, R; Koch, U; Pucci, P; Bianchi, E.
Effect of deamidation on folding of Ribonuclease A 1-gen-2000 Orru', Stefania; Vitagliano, L; Esposito, L; Mazzarella, L; Marino, G. AND RUOPPOLO M.
Rat coagulating gland secretion contains a kinesin heavy chain-like protein acting as type IV transglutaminase substrate 1-gen-2001 Esposito, C; Mariniello, L; Cozzolino, A; Amoresano, A; Orru', Stefania; Porta, R.
Multiple display of peptides and proteins on a macromolecular scaffold derived from a multienzyme complex 1-gen-2001 Domingo, Gj; Orru', Stefania; Perham, Rn
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