Abstract: A search for high-mass resonances decaying into τ<sup>+</sup>τ<sup>−</sup> final states using proton-proton collisions at s=8$$ \sqrts=8 $$ TeV produced by the Large Hadron Collider is presented. The data were recorded with the ATLAS detector and correspond to an integrated luminosity of 19.5–20.3 fb<sup>−1</sup>. No statistically significant excess above the Standard Model expectation is observed; 95% credibility upper limits are set on the cross section times branching fraction of Z′ resonances decaying into τ<sup>+</sup>τ<sup>−</sup> pairs as a function of the resonance mass. As a result, Z′ bosons of the Sequential Standard Model with masses less than 2.02 TeV are excluded at 95% credibility. The impact of the fermionic couplings on the Z′ acceptance is investigated and limits are also placed on a Z′ model that exhibits enhanced couplings to third-generation fermions.[Figure not available: see fulltext.]

A search for high-mass resonances decaying to τ+τ in pp collisions at √s =8 TeV with the ATLAS detector

CONVENTI, Francesco Alessandro;DI DONATO, CAMILLA;