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What are the main explanations of occupational diseases and accidents at work in the agricultural sector? A panel analysis for Italian regional data 1-gen-2014 Agovino, Massimiliano
What Are You Talking About? Investigating Online Information Disclosure in Italian IRCCSs 1-gen-2017 Briganti, Paola; Varriale, Luisa; Agrifoglio, Rocco; Romanelli, Mauro; Ferrara, Maria
What can a century of regional economic growth in Italy tell us? View from an allometric perspective 1-gen-2014 Napolitano, Oreste
What determines the 'degree of openness' of a firm to outsourcing engagements 1-gen-2015 Popoli, Paolo
What do local governments discuss in social media? An empirical analysis of the Italian municipalities 1-gen-2016 Gesuele, B.; Metallo, Concetta; Agrifoglio, Rocco
What do the Crew Think about the Operability of High Speed Craft? 1-gen-2005 Scamardella, Antonio
What does it take to implement Human Resource Information System (HRIS) at scale? Analysis of the Expected Benefits and Actual Outcomes 1-gen-2016 Tursunbayeva, A; Pagliari, C; Bunduchi, R; Franco, M
What does make one social network entrepreneurial? Evidences and comments on the network business creation 1-gen-2006 Schiavone, Francesco
What Does Personality Mean in the Context of Mental Health? A Topic Modeling Approach Based on Abstracts Published in Pubmed Over the Last 5 Years 1-gen-2019 Sperandeo, Raffaele; Messina, Giovanni; Iennaco, Daniela; Sessa, Francesco; Russo, Vincenzo; Polito, Rita; Monda, Vincenzo; Monda, Marcellino; Messina, Antonietta; Mosca, Lucia Luciana; Mosca, Laura; Dell'Orco, Silvia; Moretto, Enrico; Gigante, Elena; Chiacchio, Antonello; Scognamiglio, Chiara; Carotenuto, Marco; Maldonato, Nelson Mauro
What drives firms to operate in South Mediterranean Countries? 1-gen-2014 Caiazza, Rosa
What drives political parties' commitment to the 'stability culture'? An empirical analysis based on the electoral manifestos issued in EU Member States 1-gen-2018 DE SIMONE, Elina; Gaeta, G. L.; Sapio, Alessandro
What drives technology transitions? An integration of different approaches within transition studies 1-gen-2018 Panetti, E; Parmentola, A; Wallis, S. E.; Ferretti, M.
What drives the growth of academic spin-offs? Matching academics, universities, and non-research organizations 1-gen-2020 Ferretti, M.; Ferri, S.; Fiorentino, R.; Parmentola, A.; Sapio, A.
What enables doctoral degree holders to get a job? A journey through doctoral students' satisfaction with educational services 1-gen-2020 Cavallone, Mauro; Manna, Rosalba; Palumbo, Rocco
“What happens when women in politics deal with foreign aid: The case of Sub-Saharan countries” 1-gen-2022 Chiariello, Valentina
‘What is an Afro-Scot anyway?’: Reframing Jackie Kay’s Fluid Identities in Translation 1-gen-2022 Amideo, Emilio
What is the best first-step therapeutic approach in treating anovulatory infertility in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome? Questions that are still unanswered 1-gen-2007 Palomba, S; Orio, Francesco; Zullo, F.
What is the engineering management? Exploring the emerging knowledge and skills for engineers 1-gen-2016 Cerchione, Roberto; Centobelli, Piera; Esposito, Emilio; Raffa, Mario
What Is the Place of Physical Education among the Teaching Priorities of Primary School Teachers? An Empirical Study on Importance, Qualification and Perceived Teachers’ Competence 1-gen-2022 Milic, Mirjana; Radic Hozo, Endica; Maulini, Claudia; De Giorgio, Andrea; Kuvacic, Goran
What Kind of Benefits Different Stakeholders Can Expect and Obtain from HRIS Implementations: an Italian Case Study 1-gen-2018 Tursunbayeva, A; Bunduchi, R; Franco, M; Pagliari, C
Mostrati risultati da 26.052 a 26.071 di 26.266
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