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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Clinical impact of PET/MR imaging in patients with cancer undergoing same-day PET/CT: initial experience in 134 patients--a hypothesis-generating exploratory study 1-gen-2013 Catalano, Onofrio Antonio; Rosen, Bruce R; Sahani, Dushyant V; Hahn, Peter F; Guimaraes, Alexander R; Vangel, Mark G; Nicolai, Emanuele; Soricelli, Andrea; Salvatore, Marco
Contrast-enhanced harmonic Compund US of the spleen to increase staging accurancy in patients with Hodgkin Lymphoma: a prospecitve study 1-gen-2009 Picardi, M; Soricelli, Andrea; Pane, F; Zeppa, P; Nicolai, E; Delaurentis, M; Grimaldi, F; Rotoli, B.
Differentiation of Malignant Thrombus from Bland Thrombus of the Portal Vein in Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Application of Diffusion-weighted MR Imaging 1-gen-2010 Catalano, Onofrio Antonio; Choy, G; Zhu, A; Hahn, Pf; Sahani, Dv
Evaluation of Quantitative PET/MR Enterography Biomarkers for Discrimination of Inflammatory Strictures from Fibrotic Strictures in Crohn Disease 1-gen-2016 Catalano, Onofrio Antonio; Gee, Michael S; Nicolai, Emanuele; Selvaggi, Francesco; Pellino, Gianluca; Cuocolo, Alberto; Luongo, Angelo; Catalano, Marco; Rosen, Bruce R; Gervais, Debra; Vangel, Mark G; Soricelli, Andrea; Salvatore, Marco
Limited Value of Diffusion-weighted MR Imaging for Differentiating Bland from Malignant Portal Venous Thrombi Response 1-gen-2010 Catalano, Onofrio Antonio; Choy, G; Zhu, A; Hahn, Pf; Sahani, Dv
MR arthrography of the glenohumeral joint: Modified posterior approach without imaging guidance 1-gen-2007 Catalano, Onofrio Antonio; Manfredi, R; Vanzulli, A; Tomei, E; Napolitano, M; Esposito, A; Resnick, D.
Pixel distribution analysis: Can it be used to distinguish clear cell carcinomas from angiomyolipomas with minimal fat? 1-gen-2008 Catalano, Onofrio Antonio; Samir, Ae; Sahani, Dv; Hahn, Pf
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 7 di 7
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